Border Digest – 1 April, 2014


From the Economist, a map (above) of Syrian territories held by opposition and government forces. I’d take the location and stability of the internal fronts with a grain of salt; there is less dispute over who controls which border crossings.

UN agencies won’t enter countries without permission from the sovereign government, meaning that where polio vaccination and other aid teams are concerned, even rebel-held border crossings on the Syrian/Turkish border effectively remain under Syrian government control. Never one to flinch from collective punishment of civilians, Bashar al-Assad’s government is saying DO NOT ENTER.


Sunni militants in south-east Iran recently kidnapped five Iranian border guards, and Iran wants them back. There are reports that one has been executed.


In Arizona, border citizens monitor a border patrol checkpoint they consider punitive and unnecessary.

Mexico stores some of it’s allotment of Colorado River water behind a dam on the US-Mexico border, and last week, some of it was released to farmers and thirsty wetlands alike.

North Korea/South Korea

Amid joint US-South Korean war-games, North and South Korea shell each others’ ocean.


And from, a map showing every country involved in a border conflict of some kind. The annotated list used to create the map is quite detailed and worth a look.