Border Digest – 20 December 2015


“This photo seemed to quickly sum up what was happening with the refugees and migrants stuck in Serbia in August of this year. As I was trying to get a picture of the razor wire with the tents in the background, a mother carried her little girl up to the fence. The shiny wire intrigued the baby, and her little hand reaching toward it spoke to me of the longing of so many of the refugees stuck in limbo.” – Laura Reinhardt
(Photo: ©2015 Laura Reinhardt/World Vision)


Mexico-United States

The stigma of Syrian nationality appears to have complicated one family’s attempt to claim asylum at the US-Mexico border.

After a relative slowdown this past summer, the number of unaccompanied children trying to cross into the United States is again rising; 10,588 between October 1 and November 30 alone.

According to the Pew Research Center, Mexican migration to the United States is at its lowest level in 40 years.

Tijuana International Airport now features a pedestrian bridge directly to the United States, where ticketed passengers can proceed straight US customs (operated by a private contractor; the bridge is also a private concern) and then to the San Diego area.


Turkey has announced plans for a new border control agency. Turkey has been under pressure to close its borders with Syria and Iraq to fighters and supplies associated with the Islamic State and other militia forces. In related news, NATO forces are being detailed to bolster Turkey’s air defenses along its southern border.

Iraq-Saudi Arabia

An estimated 32 people, some 26 of whom are apparently Qatar nationals, were abducted near the Iraq-Saudi border earlier this week. The identity or motivations of the kidnappers is still unknown, as is the location of the victims. They were taken during a hunting expedition near Layyah, in the Samawa desert, resulting in a confusion of cultural stereotypes and geographical determinism among news-outlets trying to find something to say (or even a file photo to go along with the story). Case in point, this BBC article, which even throws in a reference to Osama Bin Laden.

Mexico-United States-China [?!]

Food without borders: The Innovative Chinese Food Coming out of a Mexican Border Town.

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